AiroDoctor Reduces Airborne Virus by up to 70%

In laboratory analysis conducted by the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) earlier, AiroDoctor is capable of reducing more than 99% of the infectious agent within 30 minutes when there is no additional influx of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses. In a real-life scenario when an infected person continuously discharges the infectious agent into the indoor air, AiroDoctor is capable of reducing the concentration of airborne viruses by 60% at all times.

A case study was carried out in December 2020 in a hospital and high schools to replicate the above scenario in real-life conditions. Results show that AiroDoctor is capable of reducing airborne viruses by up to 50-70%. In the aerosol particle experiment, the reduction of virus concentration was shown to be most effect when the air purifier was placed at the centre of the classroom. The air purification efficiency was further increased when ventilation and air purifier were being operated simultaneously.

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