Germ-free indoor air critical in healthcare: Clinics, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and care faciliti

Infectious aerosols as a critical variable in enclosed spaces: the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is keeping Australia and the world on tenterhooks. In doctors’ offices, pharmacies and care facilities, staff, visitors and patients are currently exposed to a higher risk of infection than usual. A new type of filter technology ensures sustainably clean air.

Healthcare workers and patients are at particular risk

The transmission of novel coronaviruses is known to occur mainly via droplet infection; infection via smear infections is considered secondary, but also possible. The spread of viruses in the form of infectious aerosols was already proven in 2015 by the Université Laval in Québec on the basis of the norovirus as well as in a current study from 2020 conducted by the National Institute of Health in the USA and confirmed by scientists from Princeton University and the University of California. According to this study, corona viruses remain viable in the air for up to 3 hours after aerosolization and thus pose an acute risk of infection for all persons in waiting areas, outpatient clinics, medical practices and hospitals.

Declaring war on viruses and bacteria: UV LED photocatalysis renders pathogens harmless

The effectiveness and application benefits of photocatalytic filter technology have been conclusively proven in intensive test phases. The Japanese Kitasato Institute for Medial Research and South Korean Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology confirmed that E. coli, salmonella, bacteriophage, rotavirus, norovirus, influenza and coronavirus are either destroyed or rendered harmless at 99.9%. This includes MERS coronaviruses, SARS coronaviruses and as confirmed by the South Korean research institute KICT, the photocatalytic filter eliminates the novel corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19).

The AiroDoctor is a compact and powerful industrial grade air purifier. It is equipped with a quadruple filter combination and uses pre-filters, activated carbon and HEPA filters to adsorb 99.9% of all pollutant particles, gases, odors, bacteria and viruses. The fourth filter in the AiroDoctor is an innovative UV LED photocatalytic filter that decomposes and neutralizes the particles accumulated in the filters. This happens without harmful residues, sustainably and environmentally friendly.

Due to its fine-pored structure, the AiroDoctor not only keeps particles of the PM2.5 classification (diameter < 0.1 µm), but also the airflow longer inside the device. The intentionally increased residence time thus ensures a higher and more effective irradiation time of the substances to be destroyed.

AiroDoctor now also available: For use in hospitals, care facilities, pharmacies and doctors’ surgeries

The photocatalytic filter in the AiroDoctor is not only coated, it is made of 250g solid titanium oxide (TiO2). This makes it the only filter of its kind, and its large surface area makes it particularly wear-resistant and durable. The AiroDoctor is suitable for all types of facilities: Hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, retirement homes and kindergartens, offices and stores. One AiroDoctor is sufficient for premises with a floor area of 200sqm.

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